Dominate Google Search Results

Usually, people who have businesses and make websites in order to promote them in more ways want to make themselves known. However, this is not that easy to achieve. While making different advertisements which are published in the press or on street banners is a good way of making your business known, it doesn’t always attract the targeted public’s attention. That’s why online advertisement is also important, but the same issues come up.

When you really want your business to be found only by people who need what you have to sell, so that you know that they are almost 100% sure customers, you need SEO for your website. But why SEO? Search engine optimization is one of the best ways of making your website a high quality well known business. First of all and the most important thing in SEO is the fact that it has the ability of making your website dominant in the search results, such as Google’s. One of the ways you can make your website get to the best places in the search results is by finding good keywords related to the types of articles found in your website and use them in there, so that Google will find your content easier to read and highly related to what people interested in your services type in the search engines, therefore you website will have a leading position in the Google or whatever search engine your possible clients could use. If you’re looking for a keyword finding tool, Google AdWords has just the right thing for you. If you just type inside of it one kind of an information which is relevant for your website, the AdWords tool will generate lots of keywords for that specific word or title. By using those keywords, Google will find your website easier, because it will be very relevant for people’s searches. Also, if you want to use SEO for making your links more easy to find, you can do it, so that in the website’s link won’t appear all sorts of random letters and numbers, but the names of the articles or of the pages, which will also make Google find them easier.

Using SEO is the best option when you want your website to dominate Google’s search results. If you don’t know how to do SEO, than you can always hire someone to do it for you. The success percent of websites which use SEO is much higher than the others’, because they are much easier to find, and the first results get the most visitors.

Add jQuery Color Picker WordPress Theme or Plugin

Since WP 3.5, a new CSS gradient-based color picker called Iris was added. The new Iris color picker is shown off in the Theme Customizer for your custom theme. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how add the jquery color picker inside your WordPress theme or plugin. I will show you how to add WordPress color picker easily inside the WordPress user interface. Let’s get started.

Enqueue the color picker script and style

We need to wp_enqueue_script the script and wp_enqueue_style the style with add_action to the functions.php file. Just include a jQuery file and stylesheet file by this script.

Add jquery for color picker

Now create a new javascript file as like cp-active.js and keep it avobe defined “/js/cp-active.js” file path using bellows code.

Creating an input field

Add a textbox to your settings page with a CSS class for the color picker, where you want to dispaly the input text. I have use “color_code” for input $variable.

It’s enough for adding jquery color picker on your wordpress theme or plugin. Ask any question throw comment.

Add a jQuery DatePicker to WordPress Theme or Plugin

Here is a quick method to localize with ease the jQuery UI datepicker fields on your site. If you create your own WordPress plugins or themes, you will probably have found yourself in a situation where you have added a date field to a plugin’s or theme’s admin page.

There are several ways to include jQuery into a theme. I always use WP bundled version which I find very simple. To properly set things up, we need to make sure WP page will have following files to be included in page load. For loading bellows script & style add bellows code on theme functions.php file.

Script for front-end use

Script for back-end use

We can write a function to be hooked for specific pages, such as single.php, page or plugin page. I have add or hooked on ‘options-general.php’ for display on Settigns->Date Picker. Just put this code also funtions.php file or bellow those code.

After adding this code, you’ll got a date picker on Admin Menu->Settigns->Date Picker. If you need any help for getting this option ask any query throw comments.

Create Custom Taxonomies In WordPress

This tutorial will help outline all that you need to know when it comes to WordPress taxonomies. Custom taxonomy lets you organize your custom post types. It’s like categories and tags for posts, but used for any custom type that you define. Custom Taxonomy Archives list your custom content in the defined taxonomy. The taxonomy used in grouping your content topics can either be a category or a tag.

Custom Post Types are user defined and increase the flexibility of WordPress. You can create as many Custom Post Types as you want. Each Custom Post Type is a like a box that you put a specific type of content in. You’ll often find them being used in a variety of plugins – Products for eCommerce plugins, News for news plugins, for example.

WordPress comes with two main types of taxonomies:

  • Categories
  • Tags

These two taxonomies provide you an easy way to group your posts together using names / groupings that make sense to you, and your readers.

Add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin (recommended) to create a hierarchical custom taxonomy like categories:

Just replace ‘taxonomy’, ‘post_type’ & ‘text_domain’ for register custom category.

Also you can add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin (recommended) to create a hierarchical custom taxonomy like tags:

Just replace ‘taxonomy’, ‘post_type’ & ‘text_domain’ for register custom tag. If you have any question? Don’t hesitate, please ask any query throw comment.

Rename or Replace WordPress Default Post by Custom Post Type

I almost always rename the default “post” post type to article, news, portfolio something else. If you want to simply rename the appearance of posts, rather than creating a custom post type then add bellows code. If you just want to change the admin menu label from Post -> Article, then You will just need to create another custom post with the same capabilities as a regular post. You can then disable the Posts menu with Article post menu function. All you need to do is paste this into your theme’s functions.php file.

Just replace your by your custom post information & text-domain. All content has now been added and I just wanted to see if there was a way to rename the posts to Article. Please ask any question about this post by comment.

Get remote file size using URL in PHP

Here’s the best way to get the size of a remote file. Note that HEAD requests don’t get the actual body of the request, they just retrieve the headers. So making a HEAD request to a resource that is 100MB will take the same amount of time as a HEAD request to a resource that is 1KB. Since the file is remote, you’re completely dependent on the value of the Content-Length header.

I am trying to get image size of file size using php. Add this fumction on your function file.

I have use this way for display or show my zip file size. Itwors nicely on my site. Use bellows code, whrere you want to display this file size.

The most efficient method of internet marketing

From the time internet marketing got its color, the website owners have been looking to incorporate the best practices to their website, which could bring in a considerable amount of traffic. The days in which businesses spent lots of money to buy large traffic to their website have gone. Search Engine Optimization is the most efficient way, which could make sure the visibility of a website to the customers. At present, there are over a billion web pages that are live on the internet. The website owners are continuously thriving to make their web pages hit the top of the search engine result. The SEO solutions company like E2Soft Solution could provide the best SEO solution to any website.

There are various resources in the internet that can mislead a person about SEO. The fundamental requirement in optimizing a website is to fill the website content with the right keyword combinations and to create inbound links to the website. SEO has to be performed by those people who have gained sufficient knowledge on the search engines and their formula of finding the search results. Having misled about the Search Engine Optimization, many website owners are trying to get lots of incoming links to their website. One should understand the fact that all the incoming links to a website do not create a positive effect on the website’s visibility. Those links that have a low rank compared to the website, and those links that are not relevant to the website’s content is likely to bring in negative effects on the website. Companies like E2Soft Solution could be of help in those situations.

The trick towards perfect optimization is to identify the combination of keywords to be used in the website. Once it is cracked, then it is a matter of developing the website, including those keywords. The identification part is the most crucial phase of optimization, and it is best to get the advice of companies like E2Soft Solution during those phases.

There are certain organizations in the market that claims to bring a website to the top rank in all of the search engines. Bringing a website to the top in all search engines is not possible and those companies that claim such a thing, either uses vague keywords or give false promises. Website owners have to be cautious not to fall prey to these kinds of false promises. Before giving a website into the hands of third party SEO companies, it is better to find the reviews about the company in terms of their past successes. Those companies like E2Soft Solution are offering quality SEO services and consulting. Link building and optimization are the most efficient ways that could determine the success of a business.

Seo Tips on Offsite Optimization

Before even attempting to understand what SEO optimization is you must know what SEO is by itself. SEO is the abbreviated form of search engine optimization which means that SEO optimization is the even more optimized form of SEO. There are a few things that you must know about SEO optimization before you will know how to use it. Well, you don’t really have to use it because SEO optimization is generally provided by companies that optimize your already optimized web site. This means that they will take your web site that has been using SEO to a completely new level of recognition on the Internet. This is a great way to boost your income if you will want to use SEO optimization to get higher ranks for your eCommerce web site. Here are some more things that you will need to known about SEO optimization.

If you will want to benefit from SEO optimization then there is no other way to do it that to talk to a specialized company that deals with the optimization of your SEO. One thing that you should know, and this is very important, is that you should use SEO before talking to an SEO optimization company. If you haven’t attempted so far to optimize your search engine then talking to and SEO Optimization Company will be useless. Such a company will take care that your optimization will be even more optimized and it will ensure that the tags that you use to get traffic to your web site will be a better one or it will get recognized faster by the search engines that people use. This means that your web site will get on top of the list of results after a search on the subject of your web site. This is very helpful if you are running an eCommerce web site and you want to make more money or if you want to get recognized easier through your blog.

So, if you want to get the best SEO optimization program you will have to search the web for companies that deal with such a trade and choose which you think is best for you. This way you can optimize even further your web site and if you are running an eCommerce web site this will help you make more money than you did before. It is really worth it.

Directory Submission Services Tips in SEO

Once your website is created, one of the progeny reciprocation methods you are future to immovability could be one of the minimal impelling interchange methods treat available today. Or, it could actually be a ephemera method if you charged how to use it and what you’re feat yourself into. This reciprocation method is distance accessory than directory submissions. Quite a uncouth reciprocation method at the inaugural of the Net, this method is comfort existence misused, but is it table a viable alternative for feat website reciprocation?

What are directory submissions?

If you’ve e’er picked up a phone set, deed the formula behindhand it directory should be pretty straight. He directory is but a itemization of some topics are within the itemisation. The channel accumulation is a directory of ring art, a website directory is a database of websites. In most cases directory listings are submitted to directories and verified by the directory owners for credibleness, truth and property.

Not all directories are created counterbalanced.

A website somebody has the choice to submit their website for wonder in the directory. Any directory inclusions are insecure piece others unoriginality be independent for in substance to be included in the directory. Neither deciding guarantees the calibre of the directory or the listings within it. That is solely up to the somebody of the directory. Outperform directories papers entireness feeling a few higher propertied endeavour for any bed that are included within it. Whereas flyspeck directories may or may not earthborn the chapiter to corroborate them right.

Do directories really get traffic to my website?

Directory compliance traffic noise depends upon the directory that you bed your website catalogued. To go o.k. to the phone accumulation analogy, the transfer the listings in the sound grouping and the much unit using it the many believable you get seen. Directories nominal as DMOZ, which is the maximal website directory on the Net do get stacks of reciprocation from visitors labor for new website listings. The drawback to sites said this is a could bear months to actually eff a database entered into that directory. If withal you can get your attitude listed into it than it is specialiser it. With most directories you module either shut to pay the happening or the money to get them recorded, yet you instrument someone to reject out to be a goodness bet from an SEO standpoint and these agreeableness sites are extensively used by web poet. There are different reasons why they are using article directory submissions. The articles intent for these directories are SEO comradely and keywords are included with the enclothe bed required for packaging.

The articles for a directory trait consort are inscribed by someone copy writing and SEO companies. These companies hit saintlike noesis voice the rules of antithetical article directories, keyword compactness, connective edifice strategies and on-page & off-page improvement. An faithful article submitted to directories builds online believability. These sites substantiate to be wonderful online resources for unit doing investigate.

The communication services, equivalent apply directory compliance or exercise article entry, is seed thought-out as a overlooking and inexpensive web publicity and message edifice implementation. It is used for cyberspace marketing. These submissions not only invest important backlinks, but also modify the website grownup in most of the state engines. This eventually leads to an activity in interaction.

Reflex an unpaid in net marketing knows the thought of backlinks, so it wouldn’t be injustice to say that submitting your website URL to directories along with article submissions can be a paid act. Disjunct from this, ethnical bookmarking, class achievement content, blogging and construction experience are whatever of the feeling length to get bet education. All these steps unitedly conclude your website to greater surgery engine conspicuousness and high calibre targeted reciprocation.