Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Popular Social Bookmarking links are very impressive for website business promotion. It helps to share any information and build social as well as business connections. Basically, these services create links to your pages, tag it and share it with the world. Many people use this method to get information and knowledge on a subject. This strategy of link building guarantees you high search engine rankings and gain more traffic to your website. You will not just have a valuable backlink from these sites but also expose your business to a lot of users so you can get many visitors for free. You can submit manually and automatically to social bookmarking websites. Numerous software available in world wide web that helps make your own tags simply and fastly.

The quantity of high quality bookmarking sites has exploded in the last years. Some sites are more effective than others, here is a list that shows the most popular bookmarking websites:

1. Twitter
2. Digg
3. Yahoo! BuzzTop Social Bookmarking
4. Reddit
5. StumbleUpon
7. Tweetmeme
8. Furl
9. Propeller
10. Blinklist
11. Slashdot
12. Squidoo
13. Technorati
14. Diigo
15. Newsvice
16. Buddymarks
17. Backflip
18. Faves
19. Jigg
20. Spurl

If you have not tried bookmarking before, now is the right time to try it. Enjoy the advantages of this online marketing tool and become a successful business personality. Eventually, you have to use correctly and play by the rules because a social bookmarking service can really help your Search Engine Optimization.

Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog Super Fast

The quality of a good website is that it never compromises anything related to the visit of its customer. A visitor’s customer made perfect can be one of the vital reasons for them coming back to your website. In this regard, it is the responsibility of a the web publisher to seriously utilize their time as well as all their resources in first learning each and every single aspect about how to optimize a website for a good, fast speed. Websites which load slowly can badly lose its potential customers since a customer is loaded with various options over internet at the same time and they will only go for the ‘best’ one. Being a competitor among so many other websites, speed is hardly something one can compromise one. None of us would want to be wasting our time in front of a slow browser waiting for a website to open which is taking forever. Usually what happens is that if a website is taking longer than usual than the visitors will navigate away from that website, unless of course they are interested in the content of only that very website. One thing we cannot ignore over here is the fact that even SEO tools for example Google has also started to keep a constant check at this important factor of speed and has been considering it as a crucial factor for the rankings in the search engines.

If you need to know some of the most important tips on how to take what important steps which will make your website load faster than keep on reading since here we are going to discuss some if the basic elements which will assist you in this secret tip of reduction of website servers which, in turn, will let your website load faster. Although trying to speed up your WordPress blog is not an easy task, speeding and optimizing can be a bit tricky as well as time-consuming for you to properly know how to go about it. Only if you have proper time to spare, you can actually do it. Also the fact that how much you already know about WordPress creates much of a difference. If you are equipped with all the expertise of WordPress and how to use it, then its fine, but if you don’t, then you might want to hire some professional or resourceful person for that.

After making a speed test for your website, the next step to making your WordPress blog fast and efficient will involve the removal of unwanted PHP Queries and Database Access. All the WordPress themes carry some PHP codes ad once the installation of blog has done, those could be removed to fasten the speed of the server. You could also remove all your inactive plug-ins. A lot of people deactivate plug-ins but they never remove them completely which can actually be a good thing for a server. One another important tip is to look for a content delivery networks which is a huge collection of servers. One thing to note here is that compression of CSS codes and JavaScript files can also speed up the server. Along with all these factors, you also need to check with your hosting services and see what level of efficiency they are providing. Once implementing and taking into account all the above mentioned tips, you can actually make a big difference in your WordPress blog.